Xel-Há is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, 122 km south of Cancun, and 13 km north of the archaeological zone of Tulum, on the Cancun-Tulum road.

Xel-Ha is composed of two Mayan words that together signify “water entrance”, which is a clear reference to its geographic structure, or “place where the waters are born”.

A legend about the origin of Xel-Ha tells that the Mayan gods, having conjugated the best of themselves in one place, created three guardians: Huh, the iguana, guardian of the earth; Mo, the macaw, is guardian of the skies, and Kay-Op, the parrotfish, guardian of the waters.

Nowadays, the main attraction of the Xel-Há park is its large inlet, which is characterized by simultaneously being a seawater inlet to the continent and the mouth of several freshwater channels. Therefore, it is home to 70 species of aquatic fauna, such as the blonde, the parrotfish, surgeon, jack mackerel, sergeant major, chacchi, snapper, macabe, rays, chopa, and the occasional barracuda.


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