Tour Tulum, cenote and swim with turtles

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In Tulum you will find the first Mayan city discovered by the conquerors in the sixteenth century and the only walled on the seashore with splendid views of its turquoise Caribbean waters. A spectacular combination unique on the entire planet.

Continue the tour in a beautiful cenote where you can enjoy a bath in its crystalline and mysterious waters where you will find spectacular grottos that invite you to know it located in the middle of the penetrating Mayan jungle.

Finally, enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling experience in the Caribbean with large sea turtles and striped blankets in a protected natural area called Akumal of beautiful white Caribbean beaches.

The most complete day with ruins, cenote and snorkel that you will never forget!

Select the number of adults and children who will make the trip, as well as the date.

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It includes
  • Hotel transportation
  • Guided tour in the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Certified snorkel area guide
  • Entrance to the cenote and snorkel equipment
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Buffet, drinks included
  • Insurance
  • Does not Include (What to bring)
  • Photo package
  • Marine taxes
  • Biodegradable sunblock
  • Extra money for purchases or souvenirs
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Cap or hat
  • Photographic camera.
  • Tour Tulum , Cenote y Playa Paraiso


    • 9:20 hrs Arrival to the archaeological zone of Tulum
      11:45 hrs Arrival to the cenote «El sueño» (Cavern)
      1:00 pm Buffet
      2:30 pm Akumal: Swim with turtles




    Tours a tulum
    Tour Tulum, cenote y nado con tortugas
    Tour al Gran Cenote en Tulum


    Being a magical Mayan city, Tulum, it keeps a lot of history and mysticism.

    From the year 564 this ancient city located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea has been one of the greatest representatives of the Mayan culture. It is originally known as «Zamá», which means «City of dawn».

    The city of Tulum is a portal to the past that allows you to enjoy the nature and history of our ancestors. At present it is a great tourist attraction of the Riviera Maya.

    Mainly famous for its admirable archeological sites that reflect what the Mayan culture was hundreds of years ago. It is believed that most of these buildings were built in the post-classic period of the Mayan civilization, between 1200 and 1450. The Mayan culture gave much importance to the planning of the city according to cosmology, and so the construction of the city of Tulum was based on the concept called «the four corners» that refers to the cardinal points.

    Tulum has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The light that falls over its delicate waters creates a perfect contrast with the white sand of the area. In addition, it is not only a Caribbean paradise, its beaches are also a turtle sanctuary.

    The vast wealth of Tulum has given him the enormous fame he has in many parts of the world, such as its flora and fauna species, its refreshing and crystalline waters, and its great history hidden in its beautiful archaeological zone.


    One of the many wonders in Mexico, for its shapes, its fresh waters and its beauty are the Cenotes of the south of the country.

    The word Cenote comes from the Mayan word «dzonoot» which means «hole with water». The Cenotes are natural wells and are connected by rivers or underground tunnels. There are different types of Cenotes: open-pit, semi-open and underground or in a cave. Its classification is related to the age of the Cenote, those that are fully open are mature and those that keep their dome intact are the youngest.

    Surrounded by exotic plants and trees, the Cenote Ik-Kil is ideal for a pleasant time, enjoying its fresh waters and its nature. It is a habitat for different species and wild birds.

    It begins as an underground chamber produced by the dissolution of the limestone that in turn is caused by the infiltration of rainwater. It is estimated that in the state of Yucatan there are more than 2,400 trainings of this type.

    The Cenotes were formed in times when the sea level fell, in most cases, the Cenotes are widening of underground river networks.

    Water supply was the reason to develop elements of sacred geography, symbolic scenarios and spaces for rituals of rain, life, death, rebirth and fertility. For the Mayans control of the cenotes meant political and social control over life and death. Experts have found that most of the remains found by archaeologists and divers belonged to children under 11 years of age and male adults.

    Thousands of people from all over the world visit the Yucatan peninsula, since here you can find the largest number of Cenotes in the whole world and they are clearly more than beautiful.


    Akumal, one of the magical places of the coastal strip of the Riviera Maya, has as meaning in Mayan «land of the turtles» and has a large plantation of coconut trees, white sand, caves, underground rivers and a great variety of marine life.

    Before the Cancun project, the coast was only accessible by sea and it was not until 1985 that its development began to expand, after the construction of a hotel. It is currently in tourist growth.

    Akumal is also a protected area. There is the Ecological Center of Akumal where there are certain activities for the care and protection of the ecosystem.

    Akumal has numerous bodies of water, including Caletas Yal-kú, Kantenah and Xaac, famous for the diversity of fish and crystal clear waters. 2 km south of the coastal town is the bay «Aventuras Akumal» protected by a shallow barrier of coral, which forms «gardens» very close to the coast.

    Diving and snorkeling in Akumal have a peculiarity, as the corals have typical cave formations, creating structures that are inhabited by an infinity of marine fauna.

    It is a place of charm, delight and fascination for tourists from all over the world.



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