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13 data to consider

En tu viaje a la Riviera Maya


Entry: Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. No visa is required for stays of up to 180 days for citizens of the European Union. Return ticket required. On the plane, they hand out a paper to fill out all those who do not have Mexican nationality.

Departure: Payment of the exit fee: $ 1,100 pesos or 60 euros. Do not accept dollars or credit cards. Regular flights are already included in the ticket price. Children under 2 years old do not pay fees.


The official currency is the Mexican peso. You can use pesos, dollars or euros in most of the stores, however the most advisable thing is, whenever possible, to do it with the local currency.

To check the updated exchange rate click here

Credit cards

Whenever you go on a trip it is important that you report it to your bank, because they have security systems that detect unusual or non-traditional movements, for example those you do outside of your country, automatically block your cards. Avoid this and as a precaution always bring cash as well as additional official IDs to your passport.


Electricity in Mexico is 110V ((110V / 60Hz) and the plug plugs are flat (American), although most hotels have European or mixed plugs, otherwise a simple adapter is enough .


The climate is semitropical and warm, and the average annual temperature is 25 to 30 degrees. There is no such thing as a rainy season, although from May to November the rainy season is considered, but the most normal thing, even at that time of year, is that the sun shines and that the rains, although they can be intense at times, are brief and fleeting. The humidity is very high.

The hurricane season is from June to November, being the most active the months of August to October, however it is not a reason to cancel your trip, it will be enough to know that the statistics are in your favor, since from 2003 to date a total of almost 90 hurricanes have been formed in the Atlantic and only 3 have impacted in the area of the Riviera Maya, and were in 2005 and 2007.


Comfortable and fresh clothes, breathable, cotton or similar. The temperatures are usually quite high and very humid. It is advisable to have a small piece of long sleeves in case something is cool or you have to go somewhere with the air conditioning too high, and some raincoat: Even if it rains, it will not be cold, so the only annoyance may be the rain.


No vaccination is required to enter Mexico. It is advisable to take basic medicines, sunscreen and a good anti-mosquito protector, especially on excursions. It is also advisable to always drink only bottled water. Most of the health problems that can arise are usually gastrointestinal due, above all, to excesses of food and drink that, combined with the sun, can cause an explosive mixture.

It is highly recommended to carry good medical insurance.

Usually the hotels located in the Riviera Maya have a doctor, if you need it but with extra charge. I suggest asking the hotel where you intend to stay about the medical service they may offer you. In terms of facilities, there is a general hospital in Playa del Carmen, a specialty clinic in Cancun, as well as a general hospital. There are also bilingual private hospitals and doctors, although the best ones are in Cancun.


In the Mayan Riviera the security is quite high, there are no problems if you pass within the legality. It is not advisable to buy tours on the street or companies without certifications since the service is terrible and the problems arrive when claiming.


The problem of drinking water in Mexico is important, to this day there are still 22 million people who live without drinking water and drinking tap water in the Riviera Maya can be dangerous. A lot of eye with the ice and try to wash the teeth also with bottled water

High and low season

The high season in the Riviera Maya is during Holy Week, summer (July to mid August) and the Christmas season, after December 15 until the end of January.

Public transport


In all the cities of the Riviera Maya you will find local taxis which charge an average of 30 to 100 pesos per trip within the same city, it is important to ask the cost of the trip before boarding the unit in order to avoid abuse in the collection .


This is one of the most practical and economical ways to transport yourself along the Riviera Maya. These vans make stops every certain distance, for an average price of 30 pesos. This means of transport is used both by locals and tourists.

You will find them anywhere and they serve to transport you in distances a little further away, for example you can take a bus from Cancun to go to Playa del Carmen or Playa del Carmen to go to Tulum, or you can take it from Playa del Carmen and leave it in Akumal, Crystal Cenote, Xel-Ha Park, etc.

Unlike the buses, the buses make stops to raise and lower passengers along the Federal Highway Cancun – Tulum


The company ADO is the largest and offers fairly frequent runs and reach almost anywhere in the Riviera Maya. The price is between 70 and $ 350 pesos. You can buy your tickets online and find discounts on advance purchases. There are first, second and third class buses.

Rent a car

The most convenient and practical way to travel the Riviera Maya is to rent a car. A great advantage is that you can rent it in Cancun and return it in another city, as well as that this area of ​​the country has very well marked and safe roads.

If you go with several friends and share the expenses of rent and gasoline, this option is the ideal one for you.


Telephone Code

To make calls from abroad to Mexico it is necessary to dial the country code 52 + the area code + the telephone number.

The area code for Cancun is 998, for Playa del Carmen, akumal and Tulum it is 984 and for Bacalar and Chetumal it is 983.

In the Riviera Maya all local numbers have 7 digits, and all numbers begin with 8. If a number is written (984) 873-1234, and you are in the same city, you must dial without the area code.

To dial a local cell you must add before the number 044 and if it is a long distance cell phone you must dial 045 before the number.

To dial from Mexico abroad you must dial 0 + country code + phone number.


In the services offered by the majority of hotels, restaurants, etc. the tip is not included and it is not obligatory, however the economy of the workers of the Mayan Riviera who dedicate themselves to providing tourist services, depends to a great extent on the tips they receive.

It is up to us to leave the desired amount if the service has seemed satisfactory, normally tips go from 10% to 20% of the total of the account.

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