Legends and Myths of the Cenotes in Yucatan
The cenotes have always been wrapped in legends, myths and mysteries. It is said that in its depths were treasures that the “Gods” gave in exchange for sacrifices of young virgins. Sacrifices were also offered to ask for a year of bonanza or in exchange for requested favors.

If you want to know more about the Legends and Myths of the Yucatan Cenotes, here we leave you a document published by the Government of Yucatan.

If you are in the Yucatan Peninsula you can not miss the opportunity to get to know one of the 7 wonders of the contemporary world, a city that flourished from the years 600 to 1200 AD Between Toltecs and Mayas they forged this cultural jewel that prevails until our days. In its walls, buildings, and temples you will see a sample of its cosmogonic and particular vision of the world.

Explore among these ruins considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO of over a thousand years of history and know a little more about these ancient pre-Hispanic civilizations. Surprising and climb the steps of the Castle or KUKULCAN TEMPLE and see the majestic landscape of the jungle and the city.

From there you can see: El Caracol or also known as The Observatory, the group of the Thousand Columns, The Church, Temple of Venus, Temple of the Jaguar and The Ball Game, the largest built in Mesoamerica.


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